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Heather Williams

Heather D. Williams

Estate Planning Legal Assistant to Kyle A. Wallace | Notary Public

Phone 810-579-2808


Welcome to my corner of the legal landscape! I am Heather Williams, an accomplished estate planning legal assistant with an impressive 10 years of specialized experience.  I worked for Bernard L. McAra until his retirement in 2022 and currently I am the legal assistant to Kyle A. Wallace.  With a remarkable 25-year journey in the legal field, I bring a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and precision to every facet of estate planning.

About Me

My passion for assisting individuals and families in securing their legacies has been the driving force behind my dynamic career. Over the past decade, I have witnessed firsthand the profound impact of thoughtful estate planning. Guided by a deep respect for the law and a commitment to excellence, I am dedicated to simplifying the complexities of estate planning for your peace of mind.


As an estate planning specialist, I am adept at translating your unique aspirations into meticulously crafted estate plans. Drawing upon my extensive experience, I excel in drafting intricate wills, trusts, and other essential legal documents.

Notary Public Services

In addition to my role as an estate planning legal assistant, I am proud to serve as a Notary Public. This additional credential allows me to offer you streamlined and efficient document authentication and execution services, further enhancing your estate planning experience.

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